about us


If you never heard about Fakro Company please spend a few minutes to bring your knowledge about THE MOST DYNAMIC AND FASTEST growing company in Skylight, Roof Window and Attic Stairs industry in the last 20 years.


It is my great pleasure to share this fascinating story about the second leading manufacturer in the world since 2000. In America many people during my Fakro presentation asked me a question: "What are we doing wrong that our grow is so small compare to yours?" The answer has many aspects but secret is in dedication of Fakro young people to Quality Products which pleased the customer around the world.


Fakro history originates in Poland in 1986 by establishing small wood processing shop employed just 4 employees. The first few years, production was growing slowly but steady, until 1991 where name Fakro was registered under new partnership. Since that time Fakro achievements in European and Worldwide market was so outstanding that in 2011 employment passed 3300. The company is privately owned and supported entirely on Polish capital. Fakro Group is formed of partner manufacturing companies operating on total area of 700 thousand square feet of production halls.


During these hard working years Fakro is satisfying customers in countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom and others where quality and features of the products are on the first place. Every year market is still growing (please see the chart). In order to gain popularity, quality of the products was brought to higher level every year, these affords were appreciated by customers around the world and also observed by professionals. As the results of hard working years our products was appointed by Professional Builder Magazine as a "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR".


Competing in the modern economy can be like a sport where Fakro like to play competing hard but fair, and the judges are customers around the world. Fakro always try to go extra mile to surpass expectation of our current and future customers. We hope that our continuous efforts maintain high standards of quality products and bring great satisfaction to our employees.


Do you think it is worth to look at products of company, which in 11 years reach from ground level second position in the world? If yes – please take a look and get all benefits, which come with Fakro products to you these days in NORTH AMERICA.