For Your own safety purchased attic stair is installed in compliance with the preceding instructions, operated and maintained in accordance with below stated instructions and applicable warnings.


Our Installation Guide is provided in PDF format.If you do need a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader software please go to the address below to download it:

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Now after your installation is successfully finished you may to begin using your Fakro Attic Stair. I am sure your attic stairs is a product that will bring you safe, efficient and trouble-free operation system for years to come.

Enjoy and be happy!

Please e-mail me any comments/opinions/suggestions - constant customers’ replies bring new ideas and add new features to the product – BE PART OF IMPROVING OUR WORLD.

Manufacturing Warranty
Attic Ladder is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for a 3 years period, after the original date of consumer purchase or receipt as a gift. This warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident, misuse, improper installation or operation, or unauthorized repair or alteration. If the product should become defective within the warranty period, we will repair or replace it free of charge at our option.

This warranty specifically excludes any non-defect damage, any damage, injuries and losses arising from improper installation of this product, unreasonable use to include exceeding the specified weight limitations and any labor charges incurred for removing or reinstalling a repaired stair unit or any of its components. During the warranty period stated, should the stair unit or any of its components display a manufacturing defect please first call Skywin-Fakro at 519-352-6587 or e-mail us.

Before dismantling the product in order to determine the extent of the defect and what course of action needs to be taken to correct the problem. A proof of purchase will be required in all cases.


attic ladder pre-installation guidelines

Attic Ladder:

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