Welcome to Fakro Attic Ladder features page, please read all texts and explore all features, which bring you benefits, SAFETY and joy from having and using our folding down system stairway.

Fakro Attic Stairs consists of three folding sections made of pine wood. The ladder provides easy and safe access to attic. The space saving ladder neatly folds away in to the ceiling. Our insulated - sealed lid save your energy without buying extra insulating attic cover. Metal handrail is FREE accessory added for you to guarantee your safety and functionality. Also high quality of the stairs, durability, high comfort of use and simplicity of installation make our attic stairs very valuable and attractive.



Every unit is equipped with a metal rod, which you will use to lock or unlock the cover of attic stairs. Safe opening system never allows drop the unlocked cover further than max. set limit, which may be adjusted by the customer. Another words the dropping distance of the cover may be adjusted by springs attached to the cover. Manufacturer pre-settled the one-foot drop attic stairs opening system. As a standard the attic stairs' cover is filled with styrofoam in order to increase R-value and eliminate to buy extra insulation. The insulating lid is made as a wooden frame finished with HDF board on both sides, which may be painted with the same color of your ceiling. Enlarge image.


In addition the cover is sealed with rubber gasket and all construction elements are not visible on the finished side.



To increase your safety and functionality we added for free a red metal handrail, which is already installed on the right side of the ladder. It may be reinstalled on opposite side if you wish. 






The original construction of the opening mechanism is designed to prevent any restriction to access attic space. This mechanism securely locks in place the lid when fully opened and stabilizes the entire ladder for your safety.




Enlarge image

After unlocking you can operate your attic stairs virtually by one hand, adjustable springs let you open the cover very easy and smoothly.





The installation brackets (sliding brackets), which fasten the entire ladder to the attic stairs' cover, enable you to adjust the distance between cover and the ladder itself, for your comfort of stepping up or down.  



In order to strengthen the steps they are fitted by "doves tail" joints, to increase safety of the user. The specials anti slip grooves were milled on the surface of each step.