Please read below testimonials, which are given by my customers. Some of them have phone # address and e-mail address – please DO NOT CONTACT THEM they are only for your verification with yellow or white pages.

Thank you very much for understanding this issue.


Dear Mark
I am writing this letter to you as a totally delighted customer of one of your attic stairs – the Smart Plus Attic Ladder. I had been searching to replace the original attic ladder we had installed when we built our home in 1994. That ladder was rather poorly constructed and never provided a proper seal between the mudroom on the ground floor and the storage loft over our garage. We live in the greater Rochester, NY area and the cold winters can bring the temperature more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit lower in that mudroom compared to the rest of our house – making it very uncomfortable. I had bought a replacement from a local home improvement center, but when I opened the carton I was so disappointed in the construction and design that I returned that unit and began a new search.
When I found FAKRO on the Internet, I was pleasantly surprised at the description and specifications of the attic ladders – particularly the insulating quality of the hatch door and the design of the closing latch and hardware. When I ordered my stair and opened it after it quickly arrived, that pleasant surprise turned to excitement when I saw the excellent craftsmanship and up-close quality of the hardware and material used in its construction. Installation was so straightforward – my son and I had it in place and working in one evening.
Since our new stair was installed and put into use, we cannot believe the difference in temperature in the first floor mudroom. With the insulating hatch door sealing off the attic with the smooth working latch, that room now is at the same temperature as the rest of our home. I expect that we’ll also avoid the hot summer air that used to flow into our house with the old, poorly designed unit that your wonderful attic ladder replaced. The unit is also balanced so nicely that even my 12-year-old daughter can operate the unit safely and with ease!
Please feel free to let other customers know how pleased we are with your product. There is no doubt that others who use FAKRO attic stairs will be as delighted as we are.
Tom Watrobski
Penfield, NY

My attic stairs arrived a few days ago and were installed today. I am very, very pleased and even the contractor said he had not seen such a high quality stair in his career. The locking mechanism is especially nice and will serve me well, as the stairs are being used in an open location. Am I correct that you will email an invoice with the final cost? Am I also correct in assuming you will provide a mailing address? Thank you very much for your outstanding service and for providing me with a high quality stair. I look forward to hearing from you.
Bart Sneathen
Martinsburg, WV 25405 

Dear Mr Krol:
I would like to complement your company, Skywin-Fakro, on the quality of the attic ladder, LWS-P 22/47 that I purchased from you and its quick delivery to me.
In addition to being of superior construction to other attic ladders that I looked at both in person and on the Internet, it fits "like a glove" in the area where my prior ladder was located.
I will recommend your product to anyone that asks about attic ladders and recommend that they visit your web site, www.fakro.ca, where I originally found your products.
Hal Noble
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hello Mark
I picked up the attic ladders today. All's well ! No damage (nicely wrapped), and the units look to be of first rate quality, just like you said. I will put a money order in the mail first thing tomorrow morning, please let me know when it is received.
Mark, it has certainly been a pleasure doing business with you, I.E. no misinformation or ordering issues. The product is of much better quality than those I have found in the typical "Do It Yourself" home improvement stores. As I said before I appreciate and applaud your trust, and will absolutely contact you with any future purchases in the sky light arena.





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