Fakro Attic Stairs

Welcome to Fakro Attic stairs presented by Skywin. Our Company is constantly improving our products in order to bring you safe and pleasant access to your attic. Our insulated and sealed lid saves you energy without buying an extra insulating attic cover. A red metal handrail is included to enhance the safety and functionality of all wooden attic ladders excluding model LWS-M. Fakro folding attic ladders consist of three sections made of metal or pine wood that neatly fold away into the ceiling. Our attic stairs are equipped with many useful features to benefit homeowners. Customer reviews reflect the quality and functionality of the attic stairway system. High quality construction, durability, and easy usage and installation make our attic stairs a valuable and attractive investment into your home.


We offer 300LB load capacity (ANSI certified) attic ladders:

- Wooden attic stairs

- Wooden fire rated attic ladder

- Metal attic stairs

- Scissors attic stairs

- Scissors metal fire rated attic ladders